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What is CISON Engine?
CISON is a Chinese model engine manufacturer specializing in mini scale model engines for both model building purposes. Currently, CISON released 4 engines and is keeping their path to produce more and more high performance model engine. In 2021, CISON launched L100 engine and motorcycle engine look panhead v2 engine. In 2022, CISON released FL4-175 flathead engine, and shovelhead v twin engine is coming soon!

Where Are CISON Engine Made?
CISON Engine Ltd was formed in China in 2000. All parts of engine are manufactured by CNC equipped workshop located in China which allows to maintain high standards and gives us absolute control over the precision parts used in our engines.

Where to buy CISON Engine?
EngineDIY always keep update of CISON's new arrivals, so you are able to find the newest engine models of CISON and buy the lastest CISON model engine and original parts on
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