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Founded in 2015, MUSA team is a company mainly engaged in the manufacturing of specialized equipment. The business scope is research and development, production and marketing, processing: hardware products and accessories, general mechanical equipment and accessories, sheet metal, household appliances, automotive parts, electronic products and accessories, molds and accessories, hand plate models, pneumatic components, electromechanical products.

MUSA as a precision machinery processing manufacturers, with more than 20 years of experience in production and processing, now has dozens of imported professional production equipment, such as a variety of precision CNC machine tools, casting mold equipment, and equipped with a variety of professional testing equipment, complete testing means, advanced equipment, to ensure product quality provides a solid foundation.

In addition, MUSA has built a team of dozens of professional skilled workers with high-end production and processing technology, specializing in the production of all kinds of metal product models.MUSA will provide high-quality, high-precision customized mechanical parts and assemblies for the global player users with strong manufacturing capacity and professional service attitude. We have an excellent reputation in the industry and are known for providing superior products and excellent customer service.

One of our key strengths is our extensive experience and technical expertise in precision machining. This team of experienced engineers and highly specialized machining equipment is capable of meeting a wide range of complex and sophisticated machining needs. We have introduced state-of-the-art machining equipment and processes that allow us to achieve extremely high precision and good product consistency.

At the end of 2021, EngineDIY & MUSA released and manufactured a brand new flathead single-cylinder gasoline engine model based on the "Whippet" engine designed by Edgar T. Westbury (ETW) in the 1960s. Many model engine enthusiasts and players were impressed by the quality of the workmanship and the good performance of the engine. In response to this strong demand, in March 2023, we brought back an earlier version of the ETW, based on an evolved version of the 1940s "Kittiwake" engine, redefined as the "RED DOG" engine.

RETROL team & MUSA spent 4 months to develop and design this new H&M engine model "HM-01". We have selected the best materials and exquisite craftsmanship, which will guarantee the reliability and durability of the engine. Product design: Transparent adjustable flow main oil cup, new style carburetor, with loud exhaust pipe. Two large flywheels with reasonable weight distribution, flywheel with spring dump ball and split wide-face pulley, the engine is very practical for power output. The special design has added the rarely seen "fast and slow engine switching gear", which can realize the requirement of engine speed switching: it can be run at super slow speed, and also can be run at high speed for power output. Make the engine more playable, players have more sense of operation. Product process: the whole machine Ferrari red paint using electrophoretic surface treatment process, the main components (body body, flywheel, connecting rods, etc.) made of stainless steel 304 casting, all assembly surfaces using CNC machining and become a high-carbon steel hardened one-piece crankshaft. This makes it not only a playable engine model, but also a highly collectible mechanical craft.

In recent years, the EngineDIY team & MUSA factory have released two single-cylinder engines in tribute to the classics "Whippet" and "Red Dog", which have impressed many model engine enthusiasts.

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