12V DC Modified Generator Kit & Base for SEMTO ST-NF2 Engine Model DIY Modelling Kit

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12V DC Modified Generator Kit & Base for SEMTO ST-NF2 Engine Model DIY Modelling Kit


1. This is a modified micro DC generator model, equipped with a digital voltmeter, charging interface and voltage stabilizing module. The modification is convenient and simple, exquisite and beautiful, and restores the real details.
2.Specially suitable for SEMTO ST-NF2 engine model, it will produce 12V voltage at about 1A current, or it will act as a motor if 12V DC voltage is applied to the terminals.
3. It is in good condition and will not disappoint! It can be used to upgrade and modify the engine model to achieve the effect of generating electricity and enrich the gameplay. At the same time, because of its exquisite and compact appearance, it can also add some highlights and ornamental value to your engine model.
4. It is perfectly adapted to the SEMTO double-cylinder engine. It can be used exclusively for SEMTO engines and other small internal combustion engine models. One machine has multiple uses.
5. Best gift: It is the best birthday and Christmas gift for friends, family, parents and children, creating a special surprise for them. It is also a great teaching tool favored by many school teachers.
6. Precautions: Because there are temperature changes, you need to be careful not to touch the heated place when the temperature is high to avoid burns. The product does not include batteries and power supplies, you need to prepare your own 12V DC power supply.


Material: alloy, electronic components;
Size: 20*15*13cm;
Weight: 1100g;
Working voltage: 12V DC
Spindle link method: belt link
Power generation voltage: 5-12V;

Packing list:

Generator base set*1
Foot patches*4
Fuel tank*1

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