30°N DTT-7 1/5th Scale 4WD 80km/h 29cc Petrol RC Shortcourse Truck

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30°N DTT-7 1/5th Scale 4WD 80km/h 29cc Petrol RC Shortcourse Truck

30 Degree North DTT-7 with 29cc petrol engine, powerful four-wheel drive mode and upgraded high-performance track-specific tires provide the foundation for speed transcendence and across terrain.

1, High Speed: The maximum speed is 80km/h.
2, Streamlined Tail Design: Based on the principle of wind movement, enables the vehicle to gain more grip when cornering at high speed
3, High Performance: There are air inlets in many parts of the car shell, which can effectively reduce the exhaust pipe temperature and meet the air filter intake air volume.
4, Excellent Stability: Front and rear hydraulic adjustable damping system can effectively reduce bumps and increase stability
5, 2.4Ghz Remote Control: The long remote distance allows you to gallop.
6, Front Bumper Anti-collision Design: When the vehicle has a frontal impact, the protruding front bumper can absorb more impact energy, so as to better play the anti-collision function. Dual disc brake mode can effectively shorten the braking distance and provide safety protection. Front and rear anti-roll bars effectively prevent vehicles from tipping over.
7, Gifts: Suitable for people over 14 years old. Perfect gifts for children, friends, family.

Material: Plastic + Aluminum Alloy
Wheel Base: 610 mm
Wheel Track: 440mm (Front) / 450mm(Rear)
Frame: 7075T6 high-strength aviation aluminum alloy CNC
Remote Controller: BER-V3
Carburetor: Walbro WT-997
Spark Plug: Torch CMR-7H
Fuel Tank: 800cc
Drive Mode: 4WD
Gear Ratio: 19:58
Servo: 50kg high voltage servo (throttle, steering)
Engine: 29cc 4-bolt motor engine
Fuel Mixture Ratio: Gasoline / oil = 25/1
Damping System: Front and Rear Hydraulic Adjustable Shock Absorption
Double Disc Brake Braking Mode: 4mm
Forward and Rear Tilting Bars: 5mm
Product Size: 97 x 52.5 x 34cm
Product Weight: 17300g
Package Dimensions: 106 x 56 x 48cm
Package Weight: 25300g
Packing: Box

Package Including:
1 x 30°N DTT-7 RC Short Course Truck
1 x 2.4Ghz Remote Controller
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