32000RPM FC E-21R36-1 3.46cc Pull Start Nitro Engine for 1/8 RC Car

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32000RPM FC E-21R36-1 3.46cc Pull Start Nitro Engine for 1/8 RC Car (with Spark Plug)
Force Engine FC E-21R36-1 can be used to modify and upgrade RC car model. It is suitable for 1:8 nitrol RC Car. It has unique structure design, exquisite craftsmanship, light and compact, and easy to start.

Brand: FC
Model: E-21R36-1
Material: Aluminum
Displacement: 3.46cc
Output Power: 2.200PS/32000rpm
Speed: 6.000--32.000rpm
Bore / Stroke: 16.6mm / 16mm
Crankshaft Diameter: 14mm
Sleeve: ABC
Carburetor Mode: straight pull
Exhaust Outlet: rear row
Starting Method: Pull Starter
Glow Plug Type: Standard
Product Dimensions: 11.7 x 6 x 11.4cm
Product Weight: 450g
Package Dimensions: 12.5 x 12.2 x 7cm
Package Weight: 500g
Packing: Box

Package Including:
1 x FC Engine E-21R36-1

Instructions for Use: This engine is equipped with a spark plug and a hand puller. It also requires the purchase of an additional CDI igniter and its own methanol fuel.

1, The engine's idle oil needle, main oil needle and auxiliary oil needle have been adjusted. The player can fine-tune according to the actual situation after loading.
2, The SG Shaft of FC21 is 30mm, so if your RC Car is not with 30mm SG axis, it can not match your car model.

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