700PCS+ 3D Metal Bengal Tiger Kit Assembly DIY Toy

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700PCS+ 3D Metal Bengal Tiger Kit Assembly DIY Toy


Wonderful DIY experiencing :
700PCS+ and assembling time is about 6-8 hours .Mechanical Bengal tiger is a good exercise for hands and spatial awareness because it is made up of many different parts. While assembling, you are also exploring different types of life in the mechanical world and the civilization and information before the mechanical world.
The product is based on Bengal tiger ,the largest tiger in the world, which is probably the first thing you think of when you think of something endangered.Protecting the environment is not a luxury, it's fundamental to us all.And this‘s what we want to remind people when designing this product.

Colored-Plating Metal And Red Blue Light:
The mechanical tiger is made of many colored-plating metal parts for chromatic color and equipped with blued and red light bulbs, which look like two armored assault cannon barrels mounted on the shoulders. The upturned tail indicates that it is ready to attack the enemy at any time.

High Quality and Environmentally Friendly:
Recognizable steampunk style and attention to detail, Mechanical tiger which are from spare watch, cycle, car parts look like fantastic creatures out of an alternate retro universe, all these metal materials are of high quality and packing are environmentally friendly and can be reused, they won't hurt your hand when assembling.

Room Design and Best Gift Choice :
The model can be placed on any horizontal surface as an interior decoration, an exhibit of a collection or an element of a layout. This year is 2022, which is the Year of the Tiger. This is a very ideal present for your friends who are keen on animals and mechanical structures, or pleasing your child with a unique toy on birthday and sharing with your family for a fun bonding activity.


.Material: Stainless Steel + Iron + Copper
.Product Dimensions: 18 x 8 x 12cm
.Product Weight: 675g
.Package Dimensions: 25 x 11.5 x 12cm
.Package Weight: 1200g
.Packing: Graphic Carton

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