CISON FG-VT9 9cc V2 Engine and Original Parts V-twin 4-Stroke Air-cooled Motorcycle Engine

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CISON FG-VT9 9cc V2 Engine V-twin 4-Stroke Air-cooled RC Gasoline Engine

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PDF Instructions Here:
CISON V2 Engine Instructions

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CISON V2 Engine with Original upgrade parts which includes wooden base, air filter, oil tank, bracket, CDI igniter, spark plug and exhaust pipe.
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If you want CISON V2 Engine with Original upgrade parts which includes metal base, CDI igniter, exhaust pipe, O-Sealing ring, flywheel, pulley, oil tank, stand and hall sensor, please click here .

Package List:
1 x V2 Engine
1 x Electric drill starter
2 x Spark plug
1 x CDI igniter
2 x Copper exhaust pipe
1 x Air Filter
1 x Oil Tank
1 x Bracket
1 x Wooden Base
1 x Instruction

Know More :
.Brand: CISON
.Model: FG-9VT
.Item: V-type dual cylinder four-stroke gasoline engine
.Form: finished product (assembled)
.Cylinder: V-type twin-cylinder;
.Stroke: 4 strokes
.Displacement: 9(4.5*2)cc
.Bore: 16.67mm
.Stroke: 21mm; Angle: 45°
.Speed: 2000-8000rpm (Idle Speed Minimum: 1350rpm)
.Power: 0.8ps
.Starting power: 2S-3S lithium battery.
.Cooling method: air cooling
.Starting method: electric drill start
.Fuel: gasoline (mixed lubrication 25:1).
.Product Weight: 1500g
.Package Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 25cm
.Package Weight: 2000g

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