Flysky Paladin EV 18CH 5D Joystick Controller RC Transmitter and Receiver for Construction Vehicles RC Model Toy - Mode 2 Left Hand Throttle (Standard Version PL18EV+FGr12B)

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Flysky Paladin EV 18CH 5D Joystick Controller RC Transmitter and Receiver for Construction Vehicles RC Model Toy - Mode 2 Left Hand Throttle (Standard Version PL18EV+FGr12B)


Paladin EV Precise Operation:
Flysky Paladin EV is an exclusive remote control specially tailored for construction machinery models based on the classic full-category PL18 remote control. The newly designed native Hall sensor 5D joystick is for you Realize more dimensional power control, up to 20 sets of custom linear mixing controls, and 18 physical channels, which can provide powerful functional support for models of excavators, dump trucks, truck cranes, bulldozers, loaders, etc., Brand-new precise control experience, silky and delicate control feel; let the machine interactive experience step into
Suitable for Construction Vehicles Models:
It has two double-circuit middle metal levers. The shift levers are designed on the left and right sides and are processed by aluminum alloy CNC technology, with beautiful appearance and delicate texture. When you control the main joystick, you can also control these two joysticks at the same time. We use these two levers to control the left and right tracks of the track model. For example, with a crawler excavator model, you can control walking while controlling other actions of the excavator.
5D Joystick:
It is just needed after the excavator model is equipped with hydraulic attachments. PL18EV is designed for this application scenario. The joystick has five control dimensions of up, down, left rotation, right rotation, up button, and down button. It uses a Hall sensor with an accuracy of 0.07 degrees, which is not only more reliable, but also more accurate than ordinary potentiometer joysticks. high. The joints inside the rocker use ball bearings, which make it smooth to handle and give a sense of precision.
Dual 18CH Dual-mode Remote Control:
Paladin EV supports the "dual-mode control" function. Players can freely set the two models (for example: tractor + excavator) to "model combination", and freely select the switch to switch between models. Both models can be configured with up to 18ch.
Convenient and Easy-to-use Software Settings:
3.5-inch full-color touch screen, interface supports Chinese and English, graphical Ul interface, fully functional new FlySky os, easy to click, powerful functions, one-handed control. By setting the crawler mixing control function, the simultaneous and simultaneous control of different movements of the crawler model can be realized.

.Color: Black
.Material: ABS + Electronic Components + Metal
.Model: Pl18 EV
.Name: Paladin EV
.Number Of Channels: 18
.Support Models: Engineering Vehicles, Crawler Models, Simulation Ships, Etc.
.Wireless Frequency: 2.4g
.Transmit Power: <20dbm
.Wireless Protocol: Afhds3
.Remote Control Distance: >500m (Ground Distance)
.Channel Resolution: 4096
.Battery: 1s (3.7v)*4300mah (Built-In)
.Charging Interface: Micro USB/Wireless Charging
.Charging Time: 4h@5v*2a/Th@5V*2A (Wireless Charging)
.Life Time: More Than 5.5h
.Low Voltage Alarm: <3.65V
.Antenna Type: Dual Antenna
.Display: HVGA 3.5 Inch TFT 320*480
.Language: Chinese And English
.Emulator: USB Emulator
.Data Interface: USB, Headphone Port (Ppm), Bluetooth Interface (USART)
.Temperature Range: -10℃-60°℃
.Online Update: Support
.Product Dimensions: 21.4 x 19.6 x 12cm
.Product Weight: 1006g
.Package Dimensions: 36 x 28 x 14cm
.Package Weight: 2500g
.Packing: Graphic Carton

Package Content:
.1 x PL18EV Transmitter
.1 x FGr12B Receiver
.1 x Manual
.1 x USB Charging Cable

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