Hit and Miss Engine 6cc Metal Single Cylinder 4-Stroke IC Engine with Ignition Device Gift Collection

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ENJOMOR 6cc Hit and Miss Engine Full Metal Single Cylinder 4-Stroke Mini IC Engine with Ignition Device Gift Collection - Enginediy

1. Mini Hit & Miss Engine: This is a mini horizontal Hit and Miss engine, but it has high speed and strong power. It adopts water-cooled ancient structural design and is mainly made of aluminum alloy.
2. Mechanical Artwork: It is an excellent desktop model engine. The exposed gear transmission mechanism will attract more people's attention and feel the charm of the engine's mechanical operation. The engine is unique and beautiful, stable and reliable, and its good working performance will be more appreciated by people.
3. Steps to start the engine:
Step 1. Prepare 3 AA 1.5v batteries, check the engine wiring, connect the fuel tank and the fuel pipe, and connect the battery box to power on;
Step 2. Fill the fuel tank with fuel. After filling, make sure that there is no air in the fuel pipe;
Step 3. Rotate the flywheel clockwise by hand to completely suck the mixed fuel into the carburetor;
Step 4. Rotate the flywheel, check whether there is spark, the cylinder is in normal compression, and everything is normal to start the engine.
4. Attention please:
A. Check whether the piston connecting rod is at the leftmost horizontal position;
B. Check the closing condition of the ignition switch and brass;
C. When the two conditions are met, turn the flywheel, check that the connecting rod moves to the leftmost 0.2mm, there is spark, and it can be started.
5. Excellent Model Gift: The Hit and Miss engine is a perfect supplement for model enthusiasts and collectors. It has historical sentiments. It will accompany you to spend your leisure time. At the same time, it is also suitable for birthdays and Christmas. A great personalized gift for mechanical lovers.

More Details:
Material: aluminum alloy
Color: Red/Black
Engine Size: 170*125*112mm
Weight: 1410g
Displacement: 6cc
Bore diameter: 120mm
Stroke: 20mm
The best tappet clearance: 0.5mm
Cooling Method: evaporative water cooling
Lubrication Method: mixed lubrication
Start Mode: pull/drill start
Power Supply Voltage: 4.2-6V
Age: 14+

Packing List:
Engine (including spark plug)*1
CDI igniter*1
Battery box*1
Mini fuel tank*1
Oil pipe*1
Spare Hall sensor*1
Manual *1

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