Stirling Engine L-Shape Two Cylinder Stirling Engine External Combustion Engine with Big Bulb

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Stirling Engine L-Shape Two Cylinder Stirling Engine with Big Bulb
Stirling engine are powered by gases that expand when heated and contract when cooled. This Stirling engine model is with L-Shape and two cylinder. While Operating the Stirling engine, we can observe the operation process of the whole engine, understand the principle of Stirling engine more intuitively, and deepen our interest in physics.

1, Full Parts: In addition to the finished engine and alcohol lamps, there are also spare devices: a replacement piston, a power piston, a large bulb, two small bulbs, a belt, two sealing rings.
2, Excellent Performance: Made of Glass material, high speed and long time running without wear. The inside of the piston is solid.
3, Novel Design: Magnetic positioning alcohol lamp; Engine base with shockproof pad so that the engine is more stable in operation.
4, Operating Principles and Methods: Use 95% alcohol in the operation (not included), can not add water, kerosene, gasoline, lighter oil, white wine. Put the Stirling engine model on the horizontal position, then take out the alcohol lamp, add about 2/3 alcohol into the alcohol lamp, under the premise of ensuring safety, ignite the alcohol lamp, you can gently power the flywheel rotation, the engine would work, finally light the small lamp.

1, After using it, please let the engine natural cool. Don't touch the alchohol burner, burned tube or the metal to avoid scald.
2, The Stirling engine model is suit for people over 14 years old. Operate under adults' supervision.

Item Name: L-Shape Two Cylinder Stirling Engine
Material: Metal + Glass
Stirling Engine Size: 16 x 8.8 x 11 cm
Stirling Engine Weight: 805g
.Packing: Box

Package Content:
1Set x L-Shape Two Cylinder Stirling Engine with Big Bulb ( Bulb with Random Color)

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