Metal Head Air Filter Air Cleaner for Toyan Engine 1:10 Scale RC Car

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Metal Head Air Filter Air Cleaner for Toyan Engine

1, Air filter has a great influence on the service life of the car (especially the engine) and are one of the indispensable accessories
2, This air cleaner is suitable for 1:10 oil powered RC model car
3, Good corrosion resistance, high filtration accuracy. Not easy to damage, easy to clean or replace
4, Working Principle and Function: The engine in the process of work to absorb a lot of air, if the air is not filtered clear, suspended dust in the air is inhaled into the cylinder, which will accelerate the wear of the piston group and cylinder. If larger particles enter between the piston and cylinder, serious "the cylinder Scoring" can occur, especially in dry and sandy working environments.
5, The air filter is installed in front of the carburetor or intake pipe to filter out dust and sand particles in the air and ensure sufficient and clean air in the cylinder

Item Name: Air Filter
Material: Metal + Sponge
Product Size: 5 x 5 x 4cm
Product Weight: 30g
Package Weight: 35g
Packing: Bag

Package Including:
1 x Air Filter (Random Color)
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