MUSA Engine FV1A KW-OHV 7cc Vertical Single Cylinder 4 Stroke Air Cooled Gasoline Engine IC Engine

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MUSA FV1A KW-OHV 7cc Vertical Single Cylinder 4 Stroke Air Cooled Gasoline Engine Internal Combustion Engine for Water Plane Boat Model


Our Story: At the end of 2021, we teamed up with MUSA factory to launch and manufacture a brand new flathead single-cylinder gasoline engine model based on the “Whippet” engine designed by Edgar T. Westbury (ETW) in the 1960s. Many model engine enthusiasts and players praised it for its high-quality machining and excellent performance, making a lasting impression on many. In response to the strong demand from the players, in March 2023, we brought you an evolved version of ETW’s earlier work, based on the “Kittiwake” engine from the 1940s, redefined as the “RED DOG” engine.

A Tribute to the Classic: The FV1A engine will evoke a retro nostalgia and resonance among more engine model enthusiasts and players, and attract widespread attention and discussion.

Exquisite Appearance: This miniature vertical single-cylinder four-stroke engine features a unique and beautiful appearance, green + black color scheme, OHV valve train and compact structure. .Ingenious Design: The engine parts have original and very delicate geometric shapes. For the pushrod-operated overhead valve, it has a very fine V-shaped arrangement.

Strong Power: With a long-stroke design and high torque output, the engine provides excellent power for water planes and rope boats.

Cooling Method: The large area of cooling fins ensures good and sufficient air-cooling effect. An external water pump can be added later to work with the engine.

Lubrication Method: Built-in oil pump, wet oil sump, independent lubrication system enables the engine to get better lubrication effect and extend service life.

Ignition Method: Adopts the unique anti-overflow oiler and ignition breaker assembly (mechanical external ignition).

Material Selection: The engine is made of high-quality metal materials, mainly aluminum alloy, brass, and steel.

Processing Technology: The body is manufactured using CNC technology, while the cylinder head and middle cylinder may be cast. The crankshaft is made from one piece of material and subjected to hardening treatment. The custom-made metal steel piston ring has a surface that is anodized or electrophoretically colored, giving the engine a vintage industrial mechanical feel.

Excellent Collection: The FV1A engine model is not only a highly collectible and visually appealing engine but also a perfect addition to any model exhibition. It also makes an excellent personalized gift for mechanical enthusiasts.

Warm Tips: Please note that the engine comes pre-assembled and tested and does not include a spark plug, ignition start accessories, or a fixed base. Please refer to the instruction manual for proper use to avoid damaging the machine. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

.Material: Metal
.Brand: MUSA
.Model: FV1A
.Form: Finished Version (Ready to Run)
.Engine Type: Gasoline/Kerosene Internal Combustion Engine
.Valve Mechanism Type: OHV
.Cylinder: Vertical Single Cylinder
.Stroke: Four Stroke
.Displacement: 7cc
.Bore: 20.0mm
.Stroke: 22.5mm
.Speed: 1800-6000 rpm
.Power: About 0.5 ps
.Cooling Method: Air Cooling
.Lubrication Method: Independent Lubrication System
.Starting Method: Electric Drill or Hand Pull
.Ignition method: Ignition Breaker Assemblies (Mechanical External Ignition)
.Spark Plug Type: 1/4-32 Thread ME8 Type Spark Plug
.Starting Power Supply: 6-12V
.Fuel Type: 92# and Above Gasoline or Kerosene
.Oil Type: 5W-20 or 5W-30 4T oil
.Product Dimensions: 10 x 7 x 13.3cm
.Product Weight: 1100g
.Package Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 0cm
.Package Weight: 1300g
.Packing: Box

Package List:
1 x Engine
1 x Spare Parts
1 x Instructions

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