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NGH GT17 17cc Gas Engine Two-Stroke Engine Air Cooled for Fixed Wing Rotorcraft Aircraft

This is the GT17 17cc (1.03cu) Gas engine from NGH. It offers light weight and fantastic power output for it's size with 12,000rpm.
This is a good quality gas engine and comes complete with the reliability of a RCEXL CDI ignition system. Full installation and run-in instructions are also included. The GT17 is not only a great little performer, it looks great too! Featuring a sand cast crank case, contrasting blue anodized prop driver and a Walbro carburetor for easy tuning.

* Drop in replacement for models requiring a .90 class nitro engine
* Power of a .90 nitro 2 stroke but with far greater economy
* Front mounted Genuine Walbro carburetor for reliable running and easy tuning
* Traditional 'beam' engine mounting for simple 'drop in' installation
* RCEXL Ignition with automatic advancing system
* Suitable for use with NGH 'Pitts' style exhaust system
* Light weight design, powerful output and excellent reliability
* Machined Solid phosphor bronze conrod
* Forged crank shaft supported by dual bearings
* Attractive blue anodized prop hub
* Clean burning, no more oily residue on your model
* Standard single nut prop shaft allowing easy use of a wide range of props
* Purpose made, specifically designed from the ground up and optimized for gas powered RC planes

Engine type: Single cylinder, 2-stroke, air-cooled
Length backplate to propeller boss: 103.1mm
Mounting: 52mm x 25mm
Height from crank centreline to spark plug tip: 100mm
Weight: 850g (including ignition and muffler)
Bore/Stroke: 29 x 25.6
Piston displacement: 16.91cc
Max. power: 1.8HP/12,000rpm
Min. idle Rpm: 1800rpm
Practical RPM: 1800-12000rpm
Ignition: Rcexl CDI with auto advance
Spark plug: 1/4 x 32 Rcexl
Carburetor: Walbro WT series
Lubrication oil: 2 cycle Engine Oil API TC / JASO FD or better specs. (Mobil + M2T)
General use fuel: 20:1~25:1
Propellor range: 13x8 ~ 15x8

Package Including:
1 x NGH GT17 17cc Two-Stroke Engine
1 x Muffler
1 x NGH ignition system
1 x Spark plug
1 x Instruction manual
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