NGH GT9 Pro 9cc Two-Stroke Gas Engine Air Cooled 2 Stroke Petrol Engine for Fixed Wing Drone - Enginediy

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NGH GT9 Pro 9cc Two-Stroke Gas Engine Air Cooled 2 Stroke Petrol Engine for RC Plane Aircraft - Enginediy

The professional GT9 engine has been developed by NGH engineers to offer all hobbyists of small gasoline engine. You will be delighted with fuel economy, reliability and power of your GT9-Pro. We hope that you will enjoy with your new engine and have many fun and safe flying experiences with its use.

  • Smallest Gas engine in its class, drop in replacement for 40-50 sized glow engines
  • Power of a .46 nitro 2 stroke but with far greater economy
  • Twin needle carburetor made by NGH specifically for this engine for improved tuning and throttle response
  • Carb features Pressure driven internal diaphragm fuel pump
  • RCEXL Ignition with automatic advancing system, light and compact for easy installation in 40-50 class nitro models
  • Machined Solid phosphor bronze conrod
  • Forged crank shaft supported by dual bearings
  • Standard exhaust mounting pattern allowing for wide range of custom exhausts to be used
  • Light weight design and powerful output
  • Clean burning, no more oily residue on your model
  • Standard single nut prop shaft allowing easy use of a wide range of props
  • Purpose made, specifically designed from the ground up and optimized for gas powered RC planes

Type: 2 stroke air cooled single cylinder gas engine
Length (backplate to prop driver): 90.7mm
Overall Length: 116.7mm
Height (bottom of mounting lug to top of spark plug): 87.1mm
Overall Height: 105.35mm
Width of Mounting Lugs: 52mm
Mounting Hole Centers (width): 44mm
Mounting Hole Centers (length): 18mm
Overall Height: 101.95mm
Overall Width (inc muffler): 93mm
Crankshaft Thread: 1/4-28 UNF
Piston Displacement: 9cc
Bore: 23.3mm
Stroke: 21mm
Max Output: 1.2HP/13000rpm
RPM Range: 1800~13500rpm
Carburetor: NGH 20G Pro
Ignition System: NGH automatic advancing angle ignition (manufactured by Rcexl)
Ignition Power: 4.8~8.4V DC (min 1000mAH)
Spark Plug: 1/4 x 32 Rcexl
Fuel: Unleaded gasoline
Fuel/Oil Mixing Ratio: 20:1
Recommended Propellors: 11 x 6, 11 x 7, 12 x 6 2 blade
Weight: 535g with ignition and muffler

Package Including:
  • NGH GT9 Pro 9cc Two-Stroke Engine
  • Muffler
  • NGH ignition system
  • Spark plug
  • Instruction manual
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