RETROL HM-01 7cc Antique Hit and Miss Engine 4-stroke Stationary Engine Horizontal IC Engine Model That Works

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RETROL ENGINE HM-01 7cc Engine 4-stroke Horizontal Hit and Miss Internal Combustion Engine Model


The RETROL team has spent 4 months designing and developing this new Hit & Miss engine model, designated as "HM-01". This hit and miss engine adopts carefully selected high-quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship to assure the engine's reliability and durability. The design features a transparent, adjustable flow main oil cup, a new carburettor and a reverberating exhaust pipe. The two large flywheels are well weighted, with a spring loaded ball and split wide face pulley, making the engine very practical for power output. A special design with a rarely seen "fast and slow gear change" allows the engine to be switched between super slow speed and high speed for power output. This makes the engine more playable and the player more operational. Product technology: the whole machine Ferrari red paint using electrophoresis surface treatment process, the main components (body main body, flywheel, connecting rod, etc.) are made of stainless steel 304 casting, all assembly surface using CNC finishing, high carbon steel hardened one-piece crankshaft. This makes it not only a playable engine model, but also a highly collectible mechanical artwork.


Exquisite Manufacturing Process:
This Hit-and-Miss engine model is made of high quality metal materials and manufacturing process to ensure its quality and accuracy. Each component is precision machined and assembled, giving the whole model a very realistic look that will catch the eye.
Beautifully Detailed Features:
The model engine is beautifully designed and every detail has been carefully considered and manufactured. The engine surface is painted red to maintain the original look of the old agricultural machine, with realistic sound and movement, adding to the impressive vintage classic flavour.
Easy to Display and Operate:
the model engine is all set and ready to run, with an easy to understand operation and display. It can easily be displayed anywhere, for example on a desk or in a collection cabinet. You can easily control the operation of the engine by starting and stopping it manually.
Real Principles:
This model engine is also a great tool for education and learning. You can learn how the Hit-and-Miss engine works and its mechanics by watching it in action, igniting the fuel and producing unique sounds and movements when you start the engine.
A Beautiful Gift:
This model engine is perfect for mechanics enthusiasts, collectors and anyone interested in mechanical principles. It is not only a decorative piece but also a very valuable collector's item. It can also be an unforgettable gift for collectors of stationary model engines.
Warm Reminder:
The engine does not include accessories such as spark plugs, CDI ignition, fuel tank, fuel line, base and wooden box for the equipment, please purchase extra according to your needs.

Material: Metal
Colour: As Shown;
Type: HM-01
Shape: KIT or Pre-assembled Version
Dimensions: approx. 17*13*13 cm
Weight: approx. 1.8 KG
Displacement: 7cc
Cylinder: horizontal single cylinder
Stroke: four-stroke
Bore: 20mm
Stroke: 22mm
Cooling Method: Evaporative water-cooled
Lubrication Method: mixed oil + oil cup lubrication
Starting Method: manual starting
Ignition Method: CDI igniter
Spark plug type: imperial thread 1/4-32 ME-8 spark plug
Type of fuel: petrol 92# and above
Type of lubricant: four-stroke engine oil (oil to petrol at a 1:25 mix ratio)

Packing List:
1* Engine
1* Instructions

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