Solar Magnetic Levitation Motor Mendocino Motor Engine Educational Model - Enginediy

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Solar Magnetic Levitation Motor Educational Model - Enginediy

Mendocino Motor Engine uses solar energy to supply current to the coil wound on the shaft to generate a magnetic field, and a strong magnet fixed to the base generates a repulsive force to push the rotation.
Set the rotor to the board, give it a little light, and then it works like charm.
It's funny to see people's looks and reactions when their squeeze a little shot for this Mendocino Motor model.
All of you guests want to know what happen, ice break success. What a marvelous toy!

1, EASY OPERATION ----No Manual at all. Set the rotor to the board, Levitating success on the model, explore it under the strong light resource. Give the rotor a gently push, it will run smooth.
2, HIGH-TECH ORNAMENT THAT COMBINES THE MAGNETIC AND ELECTRIC FIELD ----The Mendocino Motor is a magnetically levitated, solar powered electric motor. The motor consists of a spinning shaft that is held up by repelling magnets, stabilized by resting a point against a wall. It is powered by solar panels mounted on the spinning shaft, which generate currents through coils of insulated wire, and rotation.
3, ENTERTAINING ---- The motor rotor can rotate under weak light source. If the light stronger, the rotor rotating speed will be faster. The solar panels which equipped on the rotor convert sunlight to power and drive the model run freely.
4, PRIORITY GIFT OPTION FOR MANY APPLICATIONS ----It is an amazing and fantastic product at this price. Its elegant gift package makes it spruce up and presentable. It has a wide range of application as, great gift for Kids' science project, Physical/mechanical learning, teacher’s Demo props on the class, birthday gift for friends, families, parents, kids, etc. Many of our customers come from school, colleague, etc.
5, AMAZING CONVERSATION PIECES ON YOUR DESK ----Decorative and impressive, it's proven to be a conversation starter to impress your visitors. It’s a cool piece of art even just stands on your desk.

Operation Steps:
1. Bring the model near the window or near a suitable light resource. Don’t put the model on steel desk, it will affect the performance.
2. Set the rotor to the board, levitating success on the model
3. Give the rotor a gently push, it will run smooth.
4. The magnet is fragile, please avoid the Magnetic suction to each other and damage.

1, Strong magnets are brittle, do not let strong magnets absorb freely. Strong impact will damage the magnet.
2, Acrylic is easy to grind, and the film can be peeled off when it is delivered from the factory.
3, Please do not put the product in the car or in a high temperature place, it will cause acrylic deformation and product damage.
4, Please do not touch the acrylic, it will cause the acrylic to crack.

Item Name: Solar Magnetic Levitation Motor
Material: Acrylic + Copper + Stainless Steel + Solar Panel
Weight: 289g
Engine Dimensions: 155x70x70mm
Net Weight: 329g
Packing: Box

Packing List:
1 x Solar Magnetic Levitation Model Engine
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