Low Temperature Stirling Engine Stainless Steel Engine Model Toy for Intelligence Development

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Low Temperature Stirling Engine Stainless Steel Engine Model Toy for Developing Intelligence

The low temperature Stirling engine is designed with a special double flywheel, the space of the Stirling engine model is square. Place the Stirling engine kit on a flat table during operation, use a flat water cup with an outer diameter of less than 88mm, and pour the boiling water inside, heat about 20 seconds and start by hand.

★EASY TO PLAY: this engine is powered by the temperature differential between top and bottom panels. Just take it out of the box and put it atop a mug of hot water, wait for seconds, then give the flywheel a gentle push in one direction and you're up and running!
★STIRLING ENGINE OF HIGH PERFORMANCE: compared with traditional engines, this one runs smoother and is stabler: use self-lubricated graphite power piston(less friction & unbreakable); stainless steel string as connecting rod between the crank on the flywheel and the piston(less friction); two little magnets on the power piston and displacer interact with each other as connecting rod to eliminate mechanical friction while simplifying the structure in a graceful way.
★A FANCY DESKTOP TOY: This stirling engine runs rapidly and quitely when placed on a mug of hot coffee. In addition, we use better materials with special surface treatments to make it look prettier and have a higher performance.
★A BIG HIT FOR EVERYONE: when having friends at home, it will definitely be an eye catcher; kids will be as excited as Wright brothers saw their first toy helicopter hovering in the sky, they will wonder about what’s happening and why. It's also a great entertainment for people in the office, definitely an innovative desk piece totally amazing your work friends walking by. A great gift for everyone.
★WIDE APPLICATIONS/GREAT GIFT: it will be a remarkable gift for anyone interested in science; a great conversation piece that could be used as teaching tool on demonstrating physics knowledge; enable kids to think about basic principles of the universe. Especially for those who owned Stirling engines before, you should try this one and I guess you’ll not feel regretful.

1, While operating, please let the engine natural cool. Don't touch the high temperature parts of the machine to avoid scald.
2, Not use heat sources with temperatures above 150 degrees,
3, Can not use with flame heating!

4, The Stirling engine model is suit for people over 8 years old. Operate under adults' supervision.

Item Name: Stainless Steel Low temperature Stirling Engine
Material: Stainless Steel + Aluminum Alloy
Flywheel Diameter: 65MM
Power Piston Stroke: 8MM
Engine Dimensions: 105X105X140MM
Engine Weight: 530g
Packing: Box

Package Content:

1 x Stainless Steel Low temperature Stirling Engine

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