TFL 1128 RC Electric Boat 80km/h with 2958/3300KV Motor 125A ESC (ARTR)

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TFL 1128 Blue Arrow 80km/h Fiberglass Racing Boat Electric Boat with 2958/3300KV Motor 125A ESC (ARTR)


.A RC speedboat model based on shrimp boat, has fast acceleration and a speed of up to 80km/h or more. The steering is flexible at high speeds and it is not easy to overturn the boat. It takes you to feel like a fish.
.Tips for Playing Boat: First of all, before the model ship is launched, check whether the screws of each part are locked and not loose, and the transmission system maintains sufficient lubricant. Check whether the cooling water pipe is unblocked. When debugging the remote control and detecting electronic equipment, the motor idling should not exceed 10 seconds. After the model ship is launched, it should be observed at close distance whether there is water discharge from the discharge port on the side of the ship. The water discharge indicates that the cooling system is normal. The next step is to drive your love boat to fly with the waves. On the contrary, there is no water discharge. cooling system. After the ship model is used, please clean up the water in the cabin in time to ensure that the interior is dry to avoid damage to the electronic equipment. Focus on cleaning up the water in the transmission system and applying anti-rust lubricant for long-term storage
.Note: Servo, remote control, battery and charger are not included
.For Age: 14+


.Color: As Shown
.Material: Glass Fiber
.Hull Design: Shrimp Boat
.Power Configuration: 2958/3300KV brushless motor, 125A ESC
.Integrated Flexible Shaft: 4mm
.Two-blade Propeller: 35 x 14mm
.Steering Gear Bracket:14 x 80 x 60mm
.Recommended Servo: S3003 6KG servo (Not Included)
.Recommended Remote Control: Flysky FS-GT2E or FS-GT3B (Not Included)
.Recommended Battery: 2S-4S 2500-3500mAh lithium battery (Not Included)
.Product Dimensions: 61.5 x 46 x 6.5cm
.Product Weight: 953.25g
.Package Dimensions: 81 x 24 x 10cm
.Package Weight: 1700g
.Packing: Box

Package Content:

.1 x RC Boat

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