TOYAN & HOWIN V8 Engine FS-V800G 1/10 28cc Gasoline Engine with Starter Kit - Build Your Own V8 Engine - V8 Engine Model Kit That Works

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TOYAN & HOWIN V8 Engine FS-V800G 1/10 28cc Gasoline Engine with Starter Kit - Build Your Own V8 Engine - V8 Engine Model Kit That Works


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.Miniature & Simulated: The 1/10 scale realistic miniature V8 internal-combustion engine with a racing-like appearance and red sport element is authentically simulated.
.Long Stroke: Taking the long stroke as the engine design blueprint, it effectively provides higher torque. And the customized flexible oil seal ensures excellent sealing performance in high-speed operation.
.Mechanical Water Cooling: The engine is built with a mechanical water cooling pump whose power derives from the crankshaft, which provides circulation power for the coolant and is able to combine the cooling fan for strengthened self-cooling performance.
.Precise Rocker Arm: With alloy rocker arms and independent intake & exhaust design, the valve switch operation will be more accurate.
.Integrated Crankshaft Processing: Designed with a 90-degree cruciform crankshaft structure, three-section support, bearing at both ends and middle bearing bush, the engine allows more smooth operation and more sensitive acceleration response with up to 12500rpm.
.Dual Synchronous Belt Pulley: The timing structure of a dual synchronous belt pulley greatly reduces the risk of gear jumping in high-speed operation.
.Accurate Carburetor: Enjoy more accurate adjustment, more sensitive throttle response and more stable performance thanks to the brand new dual carburetor with pump.
.Integrated Exhaust Manifold: The small all-metal integrated exhaust manifold shaped by difficult processing technology makes the V8 engine sound more powerful.
.Lightweight: The compact design makes the product perfectly compatible with RC models, drastically improving the unit power output ratio.
.DIY: Crafted from ultra-precise components, the engine model gives a strong mechanical sense, enables smooth assembly experience and provides users with fun, helping to build their own V8 engines.
.Wide Applications: The product makes a superb desktop power engine model to play, a tool for RC model cars or boat modification, a teaching aid for physical-mechanical experiments and a high-end holiday gift for model enthusiasts.
.Note: The engine is a KIT version. Please follow the instructions carefully to avoid engine damage or danger. For any questions, just contact us. Suitable for 14+ years old.


.Material: Metal
.Model: FS-V800G
.Form: KIT version
.Scale: 1/10
.Cylinder: V8
.Stroke: Four Stroke
.Displacement: 28(3.5*8)cc
.Core: 16.67mm
.Stroke: 17.00mm
.Angle: 90°
.Speed: 1800-12500rpm
.Power: 4.35ps@11200rpm
.Cooling Mode: Water Cooling
.Starting Mode: Electric (Including Starting Motor)
.Ignition Mode: Four-in-one CDI Igniter*2
.Spark Plug Type: 1/4-32 Thread ME8 Spark Plug
.Lubrication Method: Mix/Splash Lubrication (Gasoline/Engine Oil =25/1)
.Fuel Type: 92# and Above Gasoline
.Engine Oil Type: 2T Engine Oil
.Starting Power: 7.4V Li Battery (Not Included)
.Product Dimensions: 12.34 x 3.2 x 12.73cm
.Product Weight: 2050g
.Package Dimensions: 21 x 21 x 21cm
.Package Weight: 3000g
.Packing: Bamboo Gift Box

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