V8 Electromagnetic Engine 5V 4W 8 Coils High Speed V-Shaped Automobile Engine Model for Gift Collection

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Electromagnetic Engine 5V 4W 8 Coils High Speed V-Shaped Automobile Engine Model for Gift Collection

An electromagnetic engine model can be used to launch a high speed motor, an automobile engine, a V type engine. The reciprocating electromagnet used in the engine model is the best magnet obtained after many tests, replacements and calculations. The electromagnetic engine model is ideal for teaching models, technology decoration, gift giving, DIY modification, etc.

1, High Performance: Electromagnet Engine is with V-shaped design, 8 coils, excellent stability. The input voltage requirement of the Electromagnet Engine is 5v, the mobile power supply can be activated, and the engine model is ready to be loaded, no need to reassemble, and it is extremely convenient.
2, The cargo Hall sensor wants to cooperate, can generate magnetic force in a good position, and the operation effect is the best. The bearing used is a ball bearing, which has the advantages of low friction, quietness and durability, and provides strong support for smoother operation. The high-quality cutting acrylic support is used on both sides of the product, which has high transparency and no Deformed, beautiful appearance, the beam bracket is four carbon fiber columns, durable and stable, showing high-end atmosphere.
3, Working Principles: If a current (Iv) is applied to the conductor (d) located in the magnetic field (B), the direction of the magnetic field is perpendicular to the direction of the applied voltage, then perpendicular to the magnetic field and perpendicular to the direction of the applied current. Another voltage (UH) is generated in the direction. People call this voltage the Hall voltage. This phenomenon is called Hall effect. Just like a road, originally everyone is evenly distributed on the road, moving forward; When there is a magnetic field, you may be pushed to the right side of the road. Therefore, voltage difference will be generated on both sides of the circuit (conductor). This is called the hall effect. According to the Hall effect, the Hall device uses the magnetic field as the working medium to convert the motion output of the object into a digital voltage output, so that it has the functions of sensing and switching. The multi-cylinder engine has two or more cylinder engines, which are composed of several identical single-cylinders arranged on one body and share the root crankshaft output power.

Item Name: Electromagnetic Engine Model
Material: Acrylic + Copper + Stainless Steel
Size: 28 x 10.8 x 11cm
Weight: 920g
Packing: Carton Box

Package Content:
1 x Electromagnetic Engine Model

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