Zenoah G320RC 32cc Gas Engine for LOSI 5IVE T 2.0 HPI Baja 5B/5T/5SC ROVAN

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Zenoah G320RC 32cc Gas Engine for LOSI 5IVE T 2.0 HPI Baja 5B/5T/5SC ROVAN

Zenoah G320RC engine is fixed by four points in the middle cylinder with clutch. Redesigned cylinders, crankcases, crankshafts, pistons, etc., strong power bursts can be achieved. Revolutionary new cylinder design with closed deck port (two piece), removable cover. The launch of this engine was the big news that hit the R/C engine world for years! The engine has been tested for the past few days and its output is incredible. There are two versions of this engine (clutch cover difference).

Fitment Guide :
FG Modelsport / Smartec Cars - The larger crankcase interferes with the input shaft into the transmission, we do not recommed the G320 for these models.
MCD Racing Cars - Straight fit into the RR5 models. Due to the larger crankcase, we do not recommend using the G320RC in the older V4,EVO3,EVO2 and Pro-Line Models.
Losi 5IVE T , DBXL and Redcat Models - The supplied Coupler Flange must be machined to the same thickness as the original Losi version and you must fit the original CY fan cover (This is the one supplied with your Losi engine). Please note : The Losi Coupler Flange will not fit directly onto the G320RC. We can machine the coupler on request, please call.
HPI Baja 5B/5T/5SC - No changes required, straight fit.
GoPed Scooters - Straight fit to 54mm clutch models.

Material: Metal
Displacement: 31.8cc
Cylinder diameter: 38mm
Stroke: 28mm
Net weight: 2.3kg
Overall dimensions: length 164mm x width 215mm x height 196mm
Horsepower (HP) : approximately 3.5HP or more (Test before adding a tuned exhaust), the G290RC is normally rated at 3.5hp, but the G320RC engine is much more powerful than the G290RC, adding a tuned exhaust pipe will further increase the horsepower and torque numbers.
Fuel: premixed gasoline : two stroke oil = 25:1

Tips: This is a complete engine including carburetor, air filter, clutch and muffler. The crankshaft is a different (larger) style from the original zenoah engine, so the existing +2mm stroke crankshaft on the market will not be compatible. DDM now provides + 2mm stroke crank. With a 2mm stroke crankshaft installed, the engine will be the Zenoah G340RC engine (bore 38mm, stroke 30mm, 34.02cc). Exhaust port spacing is the same as the original engine, so all exhaust, tuning ducts, etc. will be compatible with. The cylinder includes removable transfer port covers that can be easily removed for easy access to the transmission port

Package Including:
1 x Zenoah G320RC 32cc Gasoline Engine

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